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COVER REVEAL: A. Meredith Walters' Light in the Shadows!

I know how much everyone loved FIND YOU IN THE DARK by A. Meredith Walters (it's still on my TBR list. I know, I know, I need to fix that ASAP). Well, the much anticipated sequel, LIGHT IN THE SHADOWS is set to be released on MARCH 26th! And now we have this gorgeous cover to look at while we wait ;) Take a look!
**Designed by Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations**
How do you keep going when you feel like your life is over?

Maggie never thought she’d see Clay again. So, she attempts to put her life back together after her heart has been shattered to pieces. Moving on and moving forward, just as Clay wanted her to.

Clay never stopped thinking of Maggie. Even after ripping their lives apart and leaving her behind to get the help he so desperately needed. He is healing...slowly. But his heart still belongs to the girl who tried to save him.

When a sudden tragedy brings Maggie and Clay face to face again, nothing is the same. Yet some things never change. Can the darkness that threatened to consume them be transformed into something else and finally give them what they always wanted? And can two people who fought so hard to be together, finally find their happiness? Or will their demons and fear drive them apart for good?

The thing about love, is even when it destroys you, it has a way of mending what is broken. And in the shadows, you can still see the light.
And here's another fun little surprise!
The new, revamped cover for FIND YOU IN THE DARK! Love it!

Review for Love's Forbidden Flower by Diane Rinella

Love's Forbidden Flower
The heart cares not what society forbids.

Lily nurtures a secret love for a flawless man—the one who is her soul mate. Donovan is gorgeous, charismatic, and delights in all of Lily’s talents and quirks. Their innate knowledge of each other is almost telepathic. Together they interlock like fine threads creating luxurious silk.

But society dictates this picture-perfect adoration is the ghastliest of all possibilities.

As Lily embarks on a quest for the romance the heavens intended, her suitor turns reluctant. Desperate to uncover why Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hiding decayed from a tender-hearted gentleman into a ferociously self-serving, cocky bastard, Lily is prepared for battle when it comes to the salvation of her soul mate. However, Donovan traps Lily in a mental game of chess, leaving her to question his sanity. When Lily’s revelations about Donovan’s destructive alter ego lead to an inconceivable truth, can she help Donovan survive fate’s cruel joke?

Impassioned, witty, and deeply moving, Love’s Forbidden Flower is filled with stunning controversies that will forever haunt your heart.
I was asked to read Love's Forbidden Flower and to provide an honest review. Originally, I passed on reading this because the subject matter was a bit out of my comfort zone. But curiosity got the best of me and I really wanted to see how the story played out, so I decided to give it a try. It's a bit difficult for me to find the words to adequately describe how I felt while reading this book, so this will probably be short and sweet! Yes, at times I was a bit uncomfortable about certain events that took place within the book, but I actually had a much easier time getting through it than I had originally expected. All of the characters were well developed and I found myself very invested in them and their story. I loved Lily and Donovan separately and as friends, just not as anything more. I really loved Christopher and everything about him. And I think that it all ended as it should. This was a very emotional, interesting and, despite dealing with a very taboo issue, very beautifully written story. Overall, even though this book is one that I was a bit leery of reading, I'm glad that I did. I think that if you want to read something a little different and aren't afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, then you should try this one out.

The first chapter is provided HERE so you can get an idea of what you would be getting yourself into.
The sequel, Time's Forbidden Flower is to be released some time this year.

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Review of Strength by Carrie Butler

Strength (Mark of Nexus, #1)
When college student Rena Collins finds herself nose-to-chest with the campus outcast, her rumor-laced notions are shattered. Handsome, considerate, and seemingly sane, Wallace Blake doesn’t look like he spends his nights alone, screaming and banging on the walls of his dorm room. Hell, he doesn’t look like he spends his nights alone, period.

Too curious for her own good, Rena vows to uncover the truth behind Wallace’s madman reputation--and how two seconds of contact had left her with bruises. Of course, there are a few setbacks along the way: guilt, admiration, feelings of the warm and fuzzy variety…

Not to mention the unwanted attention of Wallace's powerful, supernaturally-gifted family.

They’re a bloodline divided by opposing ideals, two soon-to-be warring factions that live in secret among us. When Rena ends up caught in their crossfire, Wallace has no choice but to save her by using his powers. Now they’re really in trouble. With war on the horizon and Rena’s life in the balance, he needs to put some distance between them. But Rena won’t let go. If fighting is what it takes to prove her own strength and keep Wallace in her life, then that’s what she’ll do--even if it means risking a whole lot more than her heart.
I was asked by Carrie to give a review for her debut novel, Strength and I'm very glad to have been given the opportunity. I really enjoyed this book. The beginning of the book is fairly uneventful as far as action goes, but it gives you the opportunity to really get to know the characters. I really enjoyed the interactions between Rena and her friends, Gabby and Aiden. They were a quirky group of friends and all interesting characters. Pretty quickly in the book, Rena literally runs into Wallace, who is basically the campus outcast. He's rumored to be "crazy" and everyone is pretty intimidated by him. Rena quickly finds out that he isn't at all how people believe him to be and an unexpected friendship unfolds. But Wallace does have his secrets. He has a bit of a sordid past, as well as supernatural abilities, which his family also possesses. Rena soon finds herself caught up in all of their drama. Her relationship with Wallace ends up changing her in ways no one would have expected.
As I said, I really enjoyed this novel. There were a few times when I felt myself a little disconnected from the characters, but I'm not quite sure why that was because I really did like them. Especially Wallace, I have a soft spot for him now and was really rooting for him to be able to overcome some of his "issues." But there were definitely a few twists and turns that I wasn't expecting (AssCole) and it was a very good read and definitely held my interest! Overall, I think it was a great book, especially for a debut, and I'm really looking forward to the sequel :)

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Review of Lexi, Baby by Lynda LeeAnne

Lexi, Baby
Alexis Sky Martine thinks of herself as the average girl-next-door that does what she has to do to get by, have fun and enjoy life.
She is madly in love with her sexy, drop-your-panties-at-first-sight, hottie boyfriend who is equally in love with her; more like downright obsessed. He treats her like she is his heart; like he needs her to exist; like he would do anything in his power to make her happy.
Lexi knows Landyn James loves her just as much as she loves him, if not more. Deep down, she also knows high school sweethearts aren’t expected to last, but their relationship is different. They are soul mates. Their connection is unbreakable.

What could possibly go wrong when you have love like that...?
What will the future hold...?
Only time will tell.

Author's Note: Contains Adult Content – Namely, a teenager-turned-woman with a very dirty mouth and fiery temper that may or may not know how to throw a punch. Also includes hot and steamy scenes, and a small glimpse into physical/verbal abuse.
Drama, drama, drama! This book is full of it. The synopsis doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of all that happens in this book. I laughed, I cried a little bit, and the sex scenes were pretty hot! Really, really enjoyed this book. And the ending-- holy cow. Can't wait for Trish's book! Come on already! 4 stars, would definitely recommend it!

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Review of The Hidden by Kelley R. Martin

The Hidden
College freshman Emily Hayes knows lots of things. She knows she’s adopted, and she knows her gorgeous but infuriating classmate, Thomas, is awakening a desire inside her unlike anything she’s ever felt. What Emily doesn’t know? She isn’t human, and neither is Thomas.

For millennia, two immortal races have lived among us, hiding in plain sight. Known as The Hidden, they’re embroiled in a bitter battle for supremacy. Emily soon finds herself thrust into the supernatural world she was purposefully sheltered from, where those close to her aren’t always who they claim to be. Like Thomas, who turns out to be not only a figure from Emily’s past, but a Healer–an immortal with rapid healing powers.

With Emily’s own transition into immortality fast approaching, she has no idea what she’s in for, or that her unique background will put her in the middle of their centuries-old conflict. Who can she trust when both sides want her dead?
I was asked to review this by Kelley and I'm so glad to have been given the opportunity-- what a great debut novel! I just loved it. First of all, I'm a little obsessed with that gorgeous cover! I admit, I'm sometimes a judge-a-book-by-its-cover kind of girl, as much as I hate to admit it, and I just love this one.
I won't go into too many details regarding the story because I don't want to give anything away. There are a few little surprises in there and you should enjoy them as they come. We have Emily, who is a very likable and relatable character. She's smart, she stands up for herself, she's...adaptable. I really like Emily. I like that she actually tries to THINK about things as they happen, she's rational. Her reactions to things seemed very realistic-- I probably would have reacted the same way in similar situations. Then we have Thomas. I just LOVED Thomas. New book boyfriend? Quite possibly. Thomas is said to be a big man-whore and womanizer, but that isn't who he is at all. He does have a sordid past, which Emily eventually comes to realize, but not in that way. It's obvious that Thomas has a good heart and he falls hard for Emily.
Obviously this book has a paranormal element to it. I honestly wish there would have been a bit MORE of the paranormal. I love a good romance, but I found myself wanting just a bit more action. Even with that, I still loved this book. The sex scenes in this book were pretty frequent and pretty steamy-- I'm not complaining ;) That was a little surprise, as was some of the language used. But, like I said, I didn't mind. The ending definitely left me wanting more. I wouldn't call it a cliffhanger, but it really has me wanting this sequel to hurry up! This book held my interest the entire time and I became really invested in the characters, I didn't want it to end. Very, very good book-- especially for a debut! I can't want to read more from Kelley and I really can't wait for book two!
A couple of quotes I liked:
I felt sorry for the little things. “They look so…sad.”
“Maybe they were taken from the wild. Perhaps they’re depressed because they miss their mates. I’d be depressed too if I was separated from my soul mate.”
I looked away from the tank, up to his dimly lit face.
“You believe in soul mates?”
“I do now,” he said with a trace of a smile"
“Em, I love you so much it hurts. I would do anything for you. I’d die for you, and I know you’d do the same, so don’t you dare stand there and tell me you’d rather have a lifetime of nothing special than a few years of something extraordinary.”

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Review of love/life: Hot in Houston by Renee Curtis

love/life: Hot in Houston
The Hawthorne sisters have it all: beauty, wealth and all of the trappings of high society Houston. Jasen-gorgeous and smart. She's captured the heart of small town boy, Diesel. And she intends to give him more than just her heart in return! Sooner rather than later. Adrienne-the blonde bombshell. Her want-it-all-now attitude makes her irresistible to her rocker boyfriend, Jackson. But it also has the attention of a married man. Will she make the right choice when it comes to love? Their twenty second year will prove to be one fabulous, wild ride that will leave you wanting more. Because nothing makes Houston hotter than the Hawthorne sisters.
I don't want to go into too much detail in an effort to avoid spoilers, but it was a quick, fun read. This book is all about the lives of the two Hawthorne (half) sisters, their love lives and their family. Something that did bother me a bit was this-- At the beginning of the book, there are so many characters thrown at you that it kind of makes your head spin. Sometimes the relationships or description of the characters aren't explained until after the fact-- as if you're just supposed to already know who the characters are before you're told, that bothered me a little.
But, overall, I thought this was a good story and pretty well written for a first book. I think this author has a lot of potential! :)

Review of RULE by Jay Crownover

Rule (Rule #1)
I had loved Rule Archer since the first moment I ever laid eyes on him. He was everything I shouldn't want and the only person I went out of my way to not try and please. He only saw me as a brat, and an entitled, stuck up princess but worse than that all he saw when he looked at me was his deceased twin's girl. It broke my heart because as much as I had loved Remy Archer there was never anything romantic between us and no matter how hard I tried to convince myself that loving Rule was a terrible idea, my poor heart just wouldn't listen. We tolerated each other, barely and had forged an uneasy alliance until one night I had too much to drink and changed the way we were forever. Suddenly life long secrets were no longer hidden and the one thing I always wanted for myself seemed obtainable as long as I was willing to go through hell to hold onto it.

Shaw Landon was a class act and I had no idea what to do with her. She was tied to my family, tied to the person that was my other half so I tolerated her and her haughty attitude when I didn't have any other choice. What I didn't know was that a short skirt and too many cocktails on her birthday was going to change my outlook on her for the rest of my life. Some people thought I hid behind all my tattoos and piercings, that I tried to distance myself from my dead twin, Shaw saw through it all and wasn't scared of what was underneath. We weren't supposed to be together, weren't supposed to be anything but uncomfortable acquaintances but that all changed in the blink of an eye. Now I had to figure out just how a girl like her and a guy like me were supposed to be in love without destroying each other. Add in her custom made ex and two disapproving sets of parents and the whole situation sounded like it was more trouble then it was worth.
Well, the synopsis covers a good bit of what the story is about, so I won't go crazy with details here in an effort to avoid spoilers. I really enjoyed this book! Shaw was a really wonderful character. She was oblivious to how beautiful she was. She was smart, driven, compassionate. Her only flaw, really, was that she put EVERYONE before herself. She did everything she could to make everyone around her happy, often times in detriment to herself. Her family life wasn't great. Her parents were distant and cold. They were all about appearances and would force Shaw into uncomfortable situations with no regard for her feelings or happiness. But despite her upbringing, she managed to be a kind and loving person. She had a lot of love to offer and only thought it right that she be loved equally in return.
Rule is his own person. He does what he wants, when he wants, and makes no apologies for his behavior. He's tattooed, pierced, and has an overall bad attitude. He has major issues with his parents, who don't agree with his choices-- especially his mother, who openly blames him for his twin brother's death and considers him a poor substitute for the son she lost. Neither Rule, nor Shaw have shining examples in their lives of what love should be about, so when they finally get together, they have a rough road ahead of them.
This book definitely brought on the tears many times (but what doesn't with me, really? lol). It's a story about self-acceptance, about forgiveness. It's a story about learning to love yourself, love others, and letting yourself BE loved. I loved all of the supporting characters in this book. Rule's older brother, Rome, as well as Shaw's best friend, Ayden, were both great characters-- very loving, supportive-- and I really enjoyed their interactions in the book. Overall, I give this book a solid 4 stars and I can't wait to read more from this author!
Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:
“I almost saw your boyfriend naked this morning.”
I laughed at the look on her face. “I don’t know what to say to that, you’re welcome?”
“It’s always been you even when I didn’t want it to be, even when it broke my heart over and over again. It’s just always been you.”
“I think it’s genetically impossible not to be kind of in love with him when you come equipped with a vagina. It’s just something about all that angsty, moody swagger he has that makes you want to cuddle him up and make him feel better.”
“I don’t care what color your hair is, if you’re pale or tan, if you have makeup on or just woke up all I care about is that when I look at you, you always look back and see me. You’re beautiful inside and out and if you wanted to tattoo all that pretty white skin from head to toe I would be honored to put it there for you but if not I’ll take you all smooth and milky white any chance I get.”

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Amy Bartol, Premonition Series GIVEAWAY!

The wonderful, fabulous Amy Bartol has been generous enough to provide a signed set (yes, that's ALL FOUR books!) of her amazing Premonition series for this giveaway. Yeah, I'm a little jealous of whoever gets to win these babies! This series is an absolute favorite of mine and definitely a MUST READ! (I definitely typed REED instead of READ there the first time-- Oops, guess it's obvious who I'm thinking about!)

NOTE: Open to US Residents Only (sorry!)
Winner will be announced Monday 2/4 :)
About Amy:
I live in Michigan with my husband and our two sons. My family is very supportive of my writing. When I’m writing, they often bring me the take-out menu so that I can call and order them dinner. They listen patiently when I talk about my characters like they’re real. They rarely roll their eyes when I tell them I’ll only be a second while I finish writing a chapter…and then they take off their coats. They ask me how the story is going when I surface after living for hours in a world of my own making. They have learned to accept my “writing uniform” consisting of a slightly unflattering pink fleece jacket, t-shirt, and black yoga pants. And they smile at my nerdy bookishness whenever I try to explain urban fantasy to them. In short, they get me, so they are perfect and I am blessed.
The Premonition series includes:
Inescapable (The Premonition, #1) Intuition (The Premonition, #2)
Indebted (The Premonition, #3) Incendiary (The Premonition, #4)
**Book 5, Iniquity (can't wait!!) will be released sometime this year!**

Review for VAIN by Fisher Amelie

If you’re looking for a story about a good, humble girl, who’s been hurt by someone she thought she could trust, only to find out she’s not as vulnerable as she thought she was and discovers an empowering side of herself that falls in love with the guy who helps her find that self, blah, blah, blah...then you’re gonna’ hate my story.

Because mine is not the story you read every time you bend back the cover of the latest trend novel. It’s not the “I can do anything, now that I’ve found you/I’m misunderstood but one day you’ll find me irresistible because of it” tale. Why? Because, if I was being honest with you, I’m a complete witch. There’s nothing redeeming about me. I’m a friend using, drug abusing, sex addict from Los Angeles. I’m every girlfriend’s worst nightmare and every boy’s fantasy.

I’m Sophie Price...And this is the story about how I went from the world’s most envied girl to the girl no one wanted around and why I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.
Ok, so when I started this book, all I could think was that I could not stand Sophie. I mean, how bratty and obnoxious can someone be? I know that was the point, and yes, I appreciated that for what it was worth, but I couldn't help wanting to smack her every time she went on...and on... and on... about how fabulous and beautiful and important she was.
“Vanity's a debilitating affliction. You’re so absorbed in yourself it’s impossible to love anyone other than oneself, leaving you weak without realization of it. It’s quite sad. You’ve no idea what you’re missing either. You will never know real love and your life will pas you by.”
So then the invincible Sophie Price, queen bee, gets busted for possession-- again-- and is sentenced to six months at an orphanage in Uganda. What a life changing sentence this turns out to be! And this is where I fall in love with this book on a million different levels! The people Sophie meets at this orphanage are just incredible. Karina- love. Charles- love. Mandisa- love, love, love. And Ian- in love! And I can't forget about Pemmy and Spencer (please, oh please let Spencer have his own book one day!) Each and every one of these characters, including all of the children at the orphanage-- who have been through so much in their young lives, but still manage to laugh and love and appreciate life-- brought something amazing to this story and were all so inspiring in their own way.
“And what is there to be joyful about?" I asked honestly, thinking on the images of dead children curled into themselves at the village. Another burst of silent tears streamed down.

"Life, Sophie. They still live. They breathe, they love each other, they find joy in the world around them for no other reason than because they are children. They are resilient. They will always rise above. Always. It is a curious facet of the innocent young.”
In Karina, she finally has the motherly affection that she's been lacking her entire life. And Mandisa is just the sweetest little thing, and has a sweet spot in Sophie's heart. I just loved her. The relationship between Sophie and Ian develops beautifully. It feels natural, not rushed at all. I loved that. He was not impressed with Miss Sophie at first, but as she starts to grow as a person, she grows on him. Finally she has someone in her life to love her for who she is on the inside and that fact is extremely gratifying for her. Even more than that, she soon realizes that SHE needs to love HERSELF, and know that she is worthy of love, and everything else will fall into place. Breakthrough, Sophie Price!
“Men wanted me. They all did, however briefly, but none of them wanted to keep me. That's what I needed. I needed to be owned, loved. BUT NOT BY A MAN. I knew then that I never needed to be kept by a man. What I needed was to love myself, to want to keep myself around. And in that revelation, I knew that if I wanted to keep myself, that a man wanting to keep me would just be a by-product.”
There are books that entertain you, books that make you laugh, books that give you a good cry... And then there are books that inspire you and make you look at the world a little differently. This is one of those books. Each of Sophie's experiences at the orphanage touched my heart. I smiled, I cried, I really didn't want it to end. I could go on and on about how great I think this book is, but I'll just say this-- READ IT.! :) Move it up on your list and read it. You won't be disappointed.
I'll leave you with a few quotes ;)
“No one can know sincere happiness, Sophie, without first having known sorrow. One can never appreciate the enormity and rareness of such a fiery bliss without seeing misery, however unfair that may be.”
“I smiled at him and we stood quietly, our hands on one another as if we were both awakening to whatever it was that was surrounding us both then. It was written all over us. There was something practically tangible there, like a ray of sun, warming us through to our souls. You could see it, you could feel it, but you couldn't quite capture it in your hands. That didn't mean it wasn't there though. Oh, it was there and it weighed a thousand precious pounds.”
"You are so gosh damn beautiful in here," he said, tapping my chest, "that what's here," he spoke, running the side of his hand down my face, "is magnified tenfold and that is a sight to behold.”

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MUSIC OF THE HEART by Katie Ashley!

I just recently (finally!) read The Proposition and The Proposal by the lovely Katie Ashley. You can check out my reviews HERE. And I CANNOT WAIT for Music of the Heart! I'm such a sucker for a rocker romance and this one looks GREAT!

For Abby Renard, the plan was supposed to be simple—join her brothers’ band on the last leg of their summer tour and decide if she’s finally ready for the limelight by becoming its fourth member. Of course, she never imagined stumbling onto the wrong tour bus at Rock Nation would accidentally land her in the bed of Jake Slater, the notorious womanizing lead singer of Runaway Train. When he mistakes her for one of his groupie’s, Abby quickly lets him know she sure as hell isn't in his bed on purpose.

Jake Slater never imagined the angel who fell into his bed would resist his charms by promptly kneeing him in the balls. Of course, the fact she seems like a prissy choir girl makes her anything but his type. So he is more than surprised when after betting Abby she wouldn’t last a week on their tour bus, she is more than willing to prove him wrong. But as Jake’s personal life begins to implode around him, he finds an unlikely ally in Abby. He’s never met a woman he can talk to, joke with, or most importantly make music with.

As the week starts comes to a close, neither Abby nor Jake is ready to let go. Can a sweetheart Country songstress and a bad boy of Rock N Roll actually have a future together?

**NEW-- Check out CHAPTER 1 HERE!**

Yes, please! This sounds awesome and it's out on March 15th! AND I have some teasers here from Katie Ashley's website! :) Enjoy!
I'm feeling a little rusty doing a Teaser Tuesday because it's been awhile. First let me say how floored, thrilled, stoked, amazed, humbled, adoring of your words, messages, tweets, I am by all the support for The Proposal!! I'm so thrilled you guys are enjoying it so much. BIG HUGS and BIG THANKS!!!

So today's teaser comes from my late March release of Music of the Heart. It's a first person, dual narrated book, and today we're hearing from Jake's side. After discovering Abby in his bed and mistaking her for a groupie, he got nailed in the balls when he came on to her. Now he and his band mates: Rhys, Brayden, and AJ are getting to the bottom of why she was on the bus. Of course, Abby's recovering from passing out from the shock of not only being on the wrong bus but ending up in bed with Jake!

*Unedited and subject(most likely) to change!!!
After taking a hesitant sip of water, Abby patted down her cheeks with the paper towel. When she glanced up, she found all of us staring at her. “So, um, I guess you’re all wondering how I ended up here, huh?”

Brayden motioned to the authorized pass nestled in her ample cleavage. “I’m going to take a wild guess and say you got on the wrong bus.”

Abby nodded. She then launched into a story about why she was even at Rock Nation. When she explained about the roadie and Jacob’s ladder, I sucked in a breath. “He thought you were looking for me.”

“Huh?” she asked.

“I’m Jake Slater. He probably wasn’t paying much attention, right?”

She nodded.

“I mean, Jake Slater and Jacob’s Ladder running together kinda sound similar—if the asshat even heard anything past J. He just assumed you were coming to see me.”

Abby’s eyebrows shot up. “And you often have random chicks coming to your bus with luggage and a guitar case?” she countered.

The grin I gave her caused pink splotches on Abby’s cheeks.“Never mind,” she muttered, looking away from me.

The sound of her phone vibrating on the table interrupted us. She grabbed it and frantically brought it to her ear. “Gabe, oh my God, it’s so good to hear from you!” The voice on the other line spoke frantically. She shook her head. “No, no, I didn’t get cold feet about the tour. It’s just…I, um, I got on the wrong bus.”

At the response, her face clouded over with fury. “Oh really? Well, maybe one you assholes should have come to meet me!” He said something else, and she sputtered with indignation. “Don’t you chastise me about cussing! I’m a grown woman, and I’ll say whatever I want to! I can’t believe you have me on speakerphone right now. And Eli, if you don’t stop laughing, I’m going to beat the shit out of you the moment I see you! And if you think I can’t, just remember Costa Rica!”

I couldn’t help snickering at her fiery personality. The other guys were equally amused at the spit-fire in front of us.

“How did this happen? There were over a hundred buses out there, Gabe. When I asked about Jacob’s Ladder, they thought I meant Jake Slater.”

Gabe’s voiced screeched on the other end so loud we all could hear it. “You’re on Runaway Train’s bus?!!!”

“Yes,” she replied. At his next statement, she snorted.“Well, I’ve only managed to do the drummer and the bassist so far, but I’m thinking I could get a threesome going and knock out the others. Maybe I’ll gang bang with the roadies when we stop for dinner!”

Rhys made a strangled noise in his throat while AJ muttered,“Fuck me,” under his breath. Even I couldn’t stop the below the belt stirring at her suggestion.

She rolled her eyes. “Gabe, would you give me a little credit? I’ve held on to my virginity this long. I think it’ll hold for awhile.”

We all exchanged wild glances. Rhys tugged so hard on his stud it came out of his ear and dropped onto the ground. AJ fumbled for the beer next to him and drained in a long guzzle—his chest heaving hard as he stared at Abby. Even Brayden appeared shell-shocked by her declaration. All of us had to be thinking the same thing. How was it possible for a smokin’ hot girl like the one before us to be a…virgin?

Abby whirled around and saw our expressions. A flush entered her cheeks, and she ducked her head. She sank down onto the couch and buried her head between her knees. “I can’t believe I just admitted that in a room full of men,” she whispered.

Here's another teaser from Music of the Heart. I can't tell you all how much your enthusiastic comments from last week meant to me! I'm thrilled that you're all excited for this story.

Today's Teaser picks up the day after last week's. Abby has accepted Jake's bet that she wouldn't last a week on their tour bus.

I lounged on the couch, balancing my opened Nursing and Physiology book on my knees. Jake staggered up the bus stairs with a leggy, dark-haired goddess. Somehow after our morning song writing session, he had managed to not only get drunk, but he’d found some random chick in the middle of the rest-stop. Her arm snaked around his waist while her tongue licked up his neck. His gaze flickered over to mine before he turned back to the guys. “I call the bedroom,” he said.

“You had the bedroom yesterday,” Rhys argued.

“Easy, grumpy, I won’t need it that long,” Jake replied, a sexy smile curving on his lips.

“You underestimate your stamina, babe,” the dark haired girl replied. I couldn’t help the squeak that escaped my lips when her hand left his waist to cup his fly, working Jake over his jeans.

“Take it to the bedroom. There’s a lady present,” Brayden snapped over his newspaper.

When the bulge started to grow, Jake cut his eyes over to me again. I flushed and buried my head in my book. “You’re welcome to join us, Angel. Bree doesn’t mind sharing me, do you?”

I jerked my chin up. So this was Bree—the groupie he had mistaken me for in his bed.

She eyed me and shrugged. “As long as I get off, I don’t care.”

“Whatta ya say?” Jake asked.

Before I could respond, Rhys growled beside me. “You’re a drunken jackass, Jake. You’re stepping over the line with Abby, not to mention your bargain with her.”

“Oh really?” Jake countered.

Rhys cocked his brows. “Yeah, especially after last night.”

The thoughts of me comforting him through his tears sobered Jake a little, and his smirk faded. A combination of remorse and embarrassment entered his face.

I patted Rhys’s arm. “It’s okay. I’m very capable of telling Jake no thank you.” I smiled sweetly up at Jake who glowered back at me. He jerked Bree forward down the narrow hallway and then slammed the bedroom door.

“He can be such a prick,” Rhys grumbled.

“Yeah, I know, but he’s also in a lot of emotional pain about his mom right now.”

“So that excuses him for getting drunk off his ass before noon and for treating you like a sleazy asshole?”

“No, but I guess it makes me understand him better and forgive him a little easier.” I smiled reassuringly at his skeptical expression. “It’s fine. Really.”

But then it became very plain it was not fine. Moans and shrieks echoed through the cabin from the bedroom. A warm flush poured over my cheeks and inched down my neck. I gripped the edges of my book tighter, desperately wanting to crawl into a hole and die rather than to hear the sounds of Jake screwing Bree. I also didn't like the way Jake's noises of pleasure were effecting me. There was also the fact that the guys seemed totally unaffected by the chaos coming from the bedroom.

“Here. This seems to help,” AJ said, thrusting two ear plugs at me.

I eyed them as Jake gave another long groan. “Oh yeah, suck me harder babe!”

“Um, on second thought. I think I’ll go get some fresh air.”I scrambled off the couch and raced down the aisle. The moment I got off the bus I exhaled noisily. Bending over, I rested my elbows on my knees and tried to clear my mind of what I had heard. Once I recovered, I started putting as much distance between myself and the bus as possible.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reviews for The Proposition & The Proposal by Katie Ashley

The Proposition
With her thirtieth birthday looming, Emma Harrison finds her biological clock clanging and the elusive knight in shining armor yet to appear. She’s running out of options, especially after her gay best friend backs out from being her sperm donor. Of course, there’s always a sperm bank, but Emma fears a donor mix-up might impregnate her with the spawn of Satan.

Resident company womanizer, Aidan Fitzgerald, is used to always getting what he wants, especially in the bedroom. When Emma spurns his advances at the company Christmas party, he's determined to have her no matter what it takes. After Aidan learns of Emma's predicament, he is quick to offer a proposition that will benefit them both. He will father Emma's child, but she must conceive it with him naturally. Not one for hook-ups or casual sex, Emma is reluctant to take him up on his offer, but his charm, coupled with her intense desire for motherhood, wins out.

Soon their baby-making sessions become more than just physical. Aidan can't seem to walk away from her while Emma begins to wonder if Aidan could be the one. But can Aidan leave his past behind to become the man Emma needs him to be?
Really good plot that lead to a really interesting story and fun bunch of characters! First, we have Emma- smart, strong, great family values- she's had a hard life and has lost several people she's loved. What she wants most in the world is a baby. Her gay best friend, Connnor, had agreed to be her sperm donor, but eventually backs out. Enter Aiden- arrogant, irritating, and sexy- he suggests to Emma that HE be her new sperm donor. On one condition- they make this baby the old fashioned way.
So, naturally, they both develop feelings for each other in between all of these hot baby making scenes ;) Emma tries to fight her feelings for Aiden, but it's no use. Aiden, on the other hand, tries a little bit harder- and eventually does something very, very stupid. Tisk, tisk, Aiden.
The whole concept of FAMILY played a pretty big part in this book. It's what Emma strives for, and both she and Aiden have wonderful families. I really enjoyed the interactions with her Grandparents and his Father.
I really enjoyed this book. Plenty of romance and swoon-worthy moments. Lots of sexy Aiden to keep us entertained ;) And a good bit of angst, which I can't seem to stop torturing myself with! You're going to want to have the sequel handy before you start this-- you'll definitely want to pick up book 2 and keep reading right away! 4 stars!
The Proposal
In the weeks following Aidan’s betrayal, Emma has tried her best to move on. Ignoring his countless texts, voice mails, and flowers, she isn’t sure she wants to be won back by him. But Aidan isn’t going down without a fight—especially not until Emma lets him reveal the secret of his past that caused him to be so commitment phobic.

But fate intervenes when premature labor forces Emma on strict bed rest for two weeks. Aidan steps forward with a shocking proposal. To prove his love and commitment for her and their unborn son, he will take a leave of absence from work to care for her around the clock. Vowing to guard her heart, Emma reluctantly agrees.

While she is touched by Aidan’s attentiveness and tender loving care, Emma is thrown for a loop by the amorous attentions of ER doctor, Alpesh “Pesh” Nadeen. Pesh is everything Emma could ever want—successful, stable, and ready to settle down and be a husband and father. Pesh wants nothing more than to win Emma’s heart, but she is not sure she’s able to give it.

Her heart may still belong to the very man who broke it—the one who is so desperately trying to win her back.
The Proposal was much more emotional for me than The Proposition. We have Aiden trying to make amends, Emma dealing with his betrayal and her own heartache, and some health scares for Emma and Aiden's Father, Patrick. Aiden offers to help care for Emma after she has a premature labor scare and uses this as an opportunity to prove to her how sorry he is and how much he cares for her. Both he and Emma face an unexpected complication in the form of a handsome, understanding, and compassionate doctor who shows interest in Emma. Does she give the catch of a doctor, who has no problem wearing his heart on his sleeve or committing, a chance? Or does she forgive Aiden and try again with him, at the risk of again having her heart broken?
Again, I loved all of the supporting characters in this book- Pesh, her family, his family, her friends. I enjoyed the fact that she made him work for forgiveness and actually struggled with the idea of giving him another chance, despite how much she loved him. I'm glad that she didn't just jump right into something with him again, like we see in some books.
This one definitely had me crying a bit and I think I enjoyed it even more than the first book. 4 stars! Looking forward to reading more from Katie Ashley!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Review for Running Barefoot by Amy Harmon

Running Barefoot


When Josie Jensen, an awkward 13-year-old musical prodigy, crashes headlong into new kid Samuel Yazzie, an 18-year-old Navajo boy full of anger and confusion, an unlikely friendship blooms. Josie teaches Samuel about words, music, and friendship, and along the way finds a kindred spirit. Upon graduation, Samuel abandons the sleepy, small town in search of a future and a life, leaving his young mentor behind. Many years go by, and Samuel returns to find his old friend in need of the very things she offered him years before. Their roles reversed, Samuel teaches Josie about life, love, and letting go.

Deeply romantic and poignant, 'Running Barefoot' is the story of a small town girl and a Native American boy, the ties that bind us to our homes and families, and the love that gives us wings.


Deeply romantic and poignant is right! Running Barefoot was such a beautiful book! I found myself trying to take my time, read it slowly, absorb all of it. I really didn't want it to end. I fell in love with the characters and the love and friendship they shared. They understood each other like no one else could. They embraced their differences and appreciated each other more because of them. Josie was there for Samuel during a time when he was struggling with finding his place in the world, when he was struggling to accept himself. Later on in their lives, Samuel was able to be there for Josie during a time when she really needed a friend and needed help getting back to who she really was.

Music plays a very big role in this book and I had it playing in the background the entire time I was reading. If Josie was listening to Beethoven, I was listening to Beethoven. If Samuel was listening to Rachmaninoff, so was I. I've always enjoyed classical music, but reading this book has really given me a new appreciation for it. I LOVE when an author can bring music into a book like this. I love reading and I love music, so when I can find something to bring the two together, I'm a happy girl! Especially when a book can introduce me to something I may not have heard before.

I really got lucky when I found this as a Kindle freebie. I highly recommend this book!! It was amazing and I loved every single bit of it.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Running Barefoot:

"Like a shoe that has lost its mate is never worn again, I had lost my matching part and didn’t know how to run barefoot."
"Music had never made me cry before. And these weren’t sad tears. The music I was hearing made me feel the way I sometimes felt in church when I sang songs about God or Jesus. But it made me feel that way without any words. I loved words. I was surprised that the music could talk to me without speaking."

"You always walk in beauty, Josie. You are constantly looking for it.... I think you are secretly a Navajo after all."

"That’s what you’ve been for me ever since I met you. The note I could hear, even when it wasn’t being played. The one I’ve gravitated towards all these years."

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Review for Incendiary (The Premonition Series #4)

Since Amy A. Bartol is such a sweetheart & wished be well on my new blog, I decided that the next review I did would be for the most recent book in her incredible series. If you haven't heard of this series before, you are really, really missing out! I will post the links to the books in order at the end of this review so you can check them out!

First of all, let me say that this book gets 5 + + + stars from me! I'm fangirl obsessed with this entire series! I found out about this series a little late, so I didn't have to wait around for the new books to be released (like I'm driving myself crazy doing right now! Book 5 is out sometime in the summer-- the summer?! No! *fingers crossed* that she somehow finishes early and puts me out of my misery!

Incendiary (The Premonition, #4)

Ok, so here's the synopsis:
Cold, fine drops of rain fall softly on my cheeks as I emerge from the darkness of the ship's interior to the gray, overcast sky of the main deck. Pulling my dark pea coat tighter to my body, the wind lifts red tendrils of my hair. I walk slowly to the railing overlooking the water.
I catch my first sight of the Irish coastline; its craggy landscape makes me shiver in dread. I find it difficult to imagine now how the Gancanagh had made this their home for so long without anyone realizing it. The cold, moss-covered edifices practically scream their presence. As I study the shadows between the falling-down stone, I imagine creeping shapes of undead Faeries grasping the rock, waiting for our ship to draw nearer to their position.

Tipping my face up, I let the rain wash over me. It bathes away the frigid sweat of fear that has broken on my brow. "You don't know how fiercely beautiful you are, do you?" A quiet voice behind me asks, causing me to stiffen and fix my eyes on the rocks along the shoreline.
So by the time I got to this book, I was officially, 100% invested and in love with these characters. So my hopes were high for this book. I was NOT disappointed one bit. Actually, this one was so action-packed that it might have been the best one yet. And that's saying a lot! So in the first 3 books, we have Russell, who is Evie's soul mate. But she loves Reed. But Russell is so sweet and always knows just the right things to do or say. But then there's Reed. But she's MEANT to be with Russell, right? So why is Reed so stinking amazing?!

"Evie's head is pressed tightly to my chest; I would pull her inside of me and have my heart beat for us both if I could."
Oh, Reed. Do you see my dilemma here? Evie is torn (but not really because it is all about Reed), I'm torn, it is just a big mess. Amy sure knows how to write a book boyfriend, let me tell you, and she just keeps throwing them at us! We have Reed and Russell, but then we have the one and only Brennus. Who is completely awful, but somehow he pulls at your heart strings. How that's possible, I have no idea. You love to hate him, you hate to love him, but deep down you know he's bad news. And boy did he prove it in this book!

"Just when you think that maybe Brennus is running' out of crazy, he shows up with a brand new can of it... economy size."

So there's action, action, action in this book. Evie's and Russell's powers/abilities start to really develop, which is so cool to read about. And we finally get some answers about Evie, although Amy makes sure to leave us with even MORE questions. First of all-- Russell gets some side action in the form of HIS Aspire... What!? But I actually totally love Anya, she's so badass. And Russell deserved to have someone special. So when Russell is somewhat distracted and kinda, sorta out of the way? We get Xavier! Holy freaking Xavier. I love him. I'm all for Reed, really I am. But something about Xavier just calls to me. He was with her for all of those years (two words: soccer game. So sweet.) and he never really wanted to leave her. And there's a long, long history there that we still don't know all about. But Evie is not happy with him.

"How ex are we talking?"

"The kind where you have to take everything that he ever gave you and bury it in the backyard so there will be nothing to remind you of how much you loved him."

But then he says things like this. Poor Xavier.

"To ache from the knowledge that I may never hold you again - to count the moments, like grains of sand, while we were parted only to escape the sky and find that you still only know me as a boy from school..."

I know, right? Then, along with Xavier, comes Evie's long lost Daddy-- Tau. I'm also really liking Tau. So far it seems like he's got a great heart even though he and Evie have some issues to resolve. He seems to really care about her.

"You were afraid of me? Don't you meet with the Fallen in Sheol?"

"Yes, but none of them had ever stolen my heart nor left me without words to ponder its loss."

Both Tau and Anya, it seems, are rooting for Xavier. And at this point, I don't know WHO in the hell I'm rooting for anymore.

 "Xavier...he is afraid of losing you- He is also insane for you. Insane for you without the soul to join yours or the deep attraction to awaken you...but with the devotion to endure this Godless place for you."

But yes, Reed, Russell, Brennus, and then BAM! Xavier, too. Like I said, book boyfriends galore. I love them all. Except Brennus. Sometimes. Ok, I know he's awful. So I can't wait to see what happens with Xavier and Tau. Hopefully we'll get even more answers. Oh, and Brennus-- still freaking around! I mean, COME ON! Ughhh! And now possibly stronger than before? Crazy.
Amy has a way of writing that really puts you RIGHT THERE in the story, with the characters. I could so see this being a movie (oh please, oh please, oh please) and it would be AMAZING. And there is so much more going on besides just the relationship drama in this book (and the previous three), but if I tried to get into all of that, this review would be 10x longer than it already is. So on that note, I'll wrap it up. READ THESE BOOKS! You will not be disappointed!
  1. Iniquity (TBR)

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